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The city of Dresden, known as the Florence of the Elbe is not only known for its baroque architecture and rich artistic culture. It is also a growing attractive destination for Expats coming all over the world for its offer in the field of scientific education and research, technical, medical and artistic courses of studies and even more!


In HORBACH Expats Dresden we are a young growing team with specialization in medical and healthcare professionals as well as engineers. With our experience we aim to expand our services delivering tailored financial solutions for internationals migrating to Germany, especially to East Germany. Our priority is to enhance the quality of living for high – end migrants and make a greater awareness in the region: be the voice and partner for Expats in the East side. We stand for high quality, transparency and trust.

We welcome you to HORBACH Expats in Dresden.

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    About us
    Natalia Slavenas M.

    From Colombia to Germany: Hola from Dresden!

    With 19 and my life in two suitcases I left my colorful Colombia to reach out for new perspectives. As an Expat myself I know the challenges we must face moving to a new country: starting from cero, bureaucracy, cultural shock, and of course: the language. Finding the right person for all my questions was not an easy task. This is the reason why at the end of my studies in industrial engineering, I decided to dedicate myself to financial planning and become the person I was looking for.

    It is fascinating to see how unique our life plans and future goals are. I am passionate about working with and for a big variety of people from different cultures. To be part of this journey together with my clients and create a personalized roadmap to achieve their individual dreams is my biggest motivation.

    Let’s start your journey to your financial freedom!

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