Center Leipzig

Live your ‘Ode To Joy’, just like Friedrich Schiller wrote in his beautiful poem here in this wonderful city of Leipzig. Feel the hustle and bustle of this vibrant place with all the versatility it encompasses.

Visit Auerbach’s Cellar and have a traditional German comfort meal just like Goethe used to, listen to the oldest and finest boys’ choir once conducted by Johann Sebastian Bach or learn about its fascinating history.

There is plenty more to discover!

So leave all the financial hassle to our highly competent and experienced team of consultants in the city and focus on the real joys Leipzig has to offer.

Systematically, we can help to take you as close as possible to your personal economic freedom.

Thank you for choosing Germany as your home!

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    Daniel Whitson

    An American in Leipzig

    Growing up in Germany as half American - half German has some advantages. Financial regulations are unfortunately not one of them. I myself experienced those difficulties in several areas. For this reason, I specialized in (part-) US-Citizens living in Germany and offer financial advice in a vast variety of topics. It is incredibly rewarding to see how my clients can achieve their goals with our tailored and specific guidance.

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