Quite simple. You reach out to us and we set up an appointment for us to get to know each other and find out if a collaboration makes sense for both sides. Should we decide to work together, the next step is to tailor your individual solutions to get you to where you want to be. Digital or in person, we make recommendations and you call the shots – guaranteeing a hassle-free and high-returns process.

If you are an expat either relocating to Germany or living in Germany – then we can help you. Send us a request and we can take it from there.

Financial advice and fiscal advice are two sides of the same coin, but they are uniquely regulated professions. In the same way a tax advisor cannot provide financial advice, we cannot assist you with your taxes. Our clients, however, have exclusive access to our partnerships with tax advisors Germany-wide.

For non-community members, creating a financial plan has a one-time cost of 95€. There are no additional costs on-top for implementing the financial instruments of your choice, as this is legally regulated. Want to know more? Book an initial consultation – we’re happy to look at your individual situation.

HORBACH GmbH was founded in 1983 under the premise that every person deserves economic protection and financial freedom. The company is Germany’s market-leading financial planning service with over 1k self-employed consultants all across the country catering to German academics and students. In Munich HORBACH Expats three co-founders decided that as expats themselves they wanted to change the market for further expats in the market. Backed by the experience and resources of Germany’s market leader in financial planning, HORBACH Expats is the company’s fastest-growing consultancy area. We provide multilingual financial planning focused on the financial needs of expats. 

Here you can visit the German site.

Here’s how you can join us in changing the market

Over 10k investment funds, 500+ banks and credit institutions, +100 insurance providers, Additionally we have a broad portfolio of rental properties and alternative investments. Our expertise helps us make an educated recommendation for your individual situation, everytime, in every field.

Same financial instruments as for Germans. The question is not what can you invest in but what suits your individual situation – including your residence permit status, the agreements between the countries of your nationalities and Germany, your sustainability preferences, your beliefs etc. It’s a tailored approach.

absolutely. As expats consultants we specialize in geographically-flexible solutions. Start planning here.

Yes 🙂 We’re familiar with navigating through the unique challenges of being a US American in Germany. If you are an American you should definitely receive professional advice for your portfolio and wealth management. Leave us a request here.

No. We can however approach your investments holistically and create a portfolio for you without the need to trade your money for you.

There are four basic ones (workforce, private liability, health & nursing care, pension) that are must-haves for every person living in Germany. These are the areas where statutory insurance is by far not sufficient. Depending on our individual situation additional insurances are either compulsory or strongly recommended. Missing any? Send us a consultancy request.